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Breathe, Spring Ahead

Breathe, Spring Ahead

The focus on the breath is one way we learn to become more mindful.  With focus on the breath distractions will arise in our thoughts that pull us away from the breath. Upon awareness of a distraction, gently guide the mind again towards awareness of the breath. Be attentive to the inhalation and exhalations. There are many aspects of the breath that may become more present as you sit comfortably for meditation or recline in a yoga posture. In this practice of breath awareness, it is not necessary to try to manipulate or judge the breath. Just focus your awareness on the breath for as long as possible. In yoga we add this breath practice at the beginning or end of class. In meditation there is more time for a longer breath practice maybe up to 30 minutes or 60 minutes. As this breath centered practice becomes more of a routine you may notice it helps you find those precious moments of inner peace.
"I breathe slowly in, I breathe slowly out.  My breath is a path…

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