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Limitless Potential

Limitless Potential (c) Photograph by D. Williams
New year, new attitude and a goal to do more to maintain our overall feeling of wellness. We know what we should do. And it is relatively easy to create a good plan. But we all need a bit of motivation from a friend or someone who gently encourages and supports our wellness goals. Perhaps you decide to start walking a few times a week and you have a friend who could join you. This is an excellent way to achieve success on your wellness journey. This can work for your yoga practice too. Invite a friend or relative to join you for a class. When you have someone to encourage and support your goals it can feel somewhat easier to maintain your practice. Yoga can provide many physical benefits, as well as releasing tension and stress or helping with better quality sleep. The five key elements of starting or maintaining your overall wellness goals should include; 1.) get your rest, 2.) eat nutritious meals, 3.) keep active, 4.) set S.M.A.R.T. …

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