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Mind-Body Balance

Is it necessary to meditate in order to achieve Mind-Body Balance? This is a question that only each individual can answer because our lives are moving in so many different directions. Some people are working multiple jobs, or travel frequently away from home, others are pushing hard toward a goal to startup a new business or finish school. Many are working out at the gym or outside in nature. With so much stress in our fast-paced lives it may seem challenging to make time for meditation. But there is always time because at the fundamental level meditation is about being present. Take a one minute test. Sit quietly, and with eyes open or closed just notice your breath. Feel your body move as you breath. Do not try to adjust the breath, just notice it for one minute. In that time you have stepped into the space called meditation. Well that may seem like an easy task. But the benefit of meditation is cumulative over time. Adding one minute for this basic practice is a great start. This…

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