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Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga and Weight Loss  (c)  D.WILLIAMS
One of yoga's best kept secrets is the way it tones the body and keeps your weight in check. We don't focus on this aspect of yoga because it really is an outcome that is different for each person. If you practice regularly you will find the benefits of yoga to help with maintaining balanced weight. Yoga may cause you to "break a sweat" even when the class is not called "hot yoga". The strengthening and toning are natural results of a regular yoga asana practice. You may gain an overall feeling of wellbeing. It may include the elements of finding steadiness in holding an asana or flowing yoga movements.  But even with the beautiful benefits for the body the most important part of any yoga practice is your safety and your intention. Try to remember that yoga is a full body practice, that brings about more benefits than just physical.
Eight aspects to the practice of yoga include; 1. yama - universal social law…

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