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International Yoga Month

Kanjin Yoga Anniversary

Learning the different facets of yoga can be overwhelming for beginning yoga students. Yoga has many branches, systems and offshoots. Over the years some of the yoga practices (such a "hot Yoga" or "Vinyasa/flow Yoga") have been systematize by various yoga teachers, so that it becomes more understood and accepted by the modern society. Most of the basic yoga asana (postures) are generally called Hatha Yoga. Many people just see yoga as primarily a set of exercises to maintain general fitness when routinely practiced.
And for other people Yoga means "Union", the literal meaning of the word YOGA is to "YOLK" or to "LINK" back. Yoga is not a religion; it is more a way of life or discipline for promoting greater fullness and experience of life. This implication is: to link back to the original source, the original essence, that which transcends all mental and intellectual attempts at comprehension, but which is the…

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