Why would you want yoga therapy?

Yoga Therapy helps you learn to use yoga for specific goals. Such as; deeper meditation, better posture, more flexibility, better digestion, added strength, heart health, alleviate pain, boost the immune system.
The methods recommended by a yoga therapist helps one to achieve a balanced state of body and mind. The sessions help guide you towards the state of balance and help you carefully adjust your life-style, diet, physical exercise for maintenance and better wellness.

Some recommendations to help you return to balance may include;

1. Eating more fresh foods.
2. Regulation of sleeping and meals to optimize and balance the body systems.
3. Adding a regular period for meditation each day.
4. Waking up at or before dawn to meditate and practice yoga.
5. Eat breakfast after the morning asana practice is complete.
6. Take you time and eat the largest meal during mid-day.
7. Adopt and evening yoga practice for better sleep.
Yoga therapy has been practiced for thousands of years as a holistic wellness-based system for achieving balanced well being. Yoga Therapy is the process of helping you better understand and use the benefits of yoga to bring the body back into optimal wellness.
The Yoga Therapy sessions are planned to focus on your specific needs. The yoga therapist will recommend time tested yoga postures, meditation and breathing techniques that help your unique mind-body needs. Yoga Therapy includes a customized yoga practice designed for your needs, asana instruction and a written recommendation to help you practice at home.
During the sessions you learn the specific yoga postures that benefit your needs. At the conclusion of the sessions you will have a recommendation for a yoga practice that is specific based upon your goals. The assessment may include evaluation of the dosha constitution which is based upon maintaining balance in the five elements that govern the physical body; air, water, fire, earth, space and that are affected by the diet, environment and lifestyle. In other words all of the elements which could cause any imbalance in the physical body would be accounted for during the yoga therapy assessment.
Your yoga therapist may be certified by an organization that uses the criteria of the International Association of Yoga Therapists ( http://www.iayt.org ).. The yoga therapist may be a certified yoga instructor or have other areas of specialty such as Physical Therapy, Massage, Nutrition, Medical, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, etc. Yoga Therapy is being adapted as part of the emerging fields that are health enhancing such as naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda
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